Shelby Suzanne Photography | Wardrobe Details





It is very important to prepare for your session ahead of time.  Wardrobe choices depend on the ages of your children and the time of year for outdoor sessions.  To help you look your best, I’ve included some general guidelines below of what clothing will enhance your portraits and produce the best looking photos.  Feel free to email me your ideas or pictures of what you are thinking, and I will be happy to help and provide feedback.  

When selecting clothing and accessories for your photo session, consider timeless simplicity as well as coordinated layers, textures, and colors. As a general rule, think simple.  Generally speaking, color works well, jeans work well, flattering clothing works well, and keeping the look simple works well.  The difference this makes in your photos will be obvious.  Stay away from logos, characters, bulky clothing, or multi-patterned attire. 

My suggestion is to have a few wardrobe options so bring a few changes of clothing with you.  Below is a list of items you may want to consider when selecting your wardrobe for your session.



When selecting clothing appropriate for your family session, keep in mind the venue as the well as the overall theme you want to present in your photos.  Coordinating colors and style can help with creating a cohesive look to your portraits.

When you feel comfortable in your clothes, it will be reflected in your photographs.  Clothing should be flattering (not too baggy, not too tight).  For example, if you are self-conscious of your arms, be careful of sleeveless styles which would draw attention to your arms.  

Dark shirts work best with a dark undershirt, so please wear or bring a gray or black undershirt.  Otherwise the white t-shirt triangle is glaring in the photo.  Only wear white t-shirts with very light toned shirts.

Maternity clients please remember not to wear tight clothing before your session which could leave marks on your baby bump.


It doesn’t get better than seeing newborns au-natural in their birthday suits or with very soft simple attire, accessories (hats, head bands, wraps, etc.), or blankets.  Feel free to checkout sites such as to order a hat or wrap of your choice.  Personalize your session even more by bringing any other fun and creative ideas or meaningful items with you as suggestions are welcomed and encouraged. 

Makeup should be applied a touch heavier than your every day look. Evening makeup, though not too dramatic is preferable.  Test mascara to make sure it is clump free. Lip gloss can add that special touch so bring your favorite color.  It can be helpful to bring a touch up kit for your use to the session.

Understated, neutral nail polish colors, au-natural, or french manicures work best as brightly colored polish or unkept nails can detract from the overall look of your photographs.  Many times casual shots are taken barefoot, so don’t neglect your toes for shoeless shots.  Manicures and pedicures can help you feel more confident about your hands and feet.  For little girls, natural works best, so please remove nail polish.

Please no 5 o’clock shadow as being clean shaven enhances your photographs and stubble is difficult to retouch.  P.S. Don’t forget the back of your neck!

Cutting or changing hairstyles right before your session is not advised.  You need to be comfortable with your style. Please bring hair products and accessories you might need to the session.

Check with your optometrist regarding if your glasses will glare in your photos.  Some optometrists may loan you lensless frames that look similar to your glasses for the session. As long as you feel comfortable not wearing your glasses and still look like ‘you’ without your specs, it’s recommended to take them off during your shoot.

No jewelry or very simple jewelry keeps the attention on YOU.  Overall, keep the look simple.  Watches often reflect in photographs so consider safely storing your watches before your session.

Sunburns and tan lines are not photo friendly.  If they can’t be avoided, please select your attire with this in mind.  Accidents do happen as they are a part of life.  Small bruises, scratches, acne, or bumps can be removed with digital retouching.  However, anything that changes the actual appearance of someone such as large bruises, big bumps, or black eyes  may require rescheduling. 

Even though many kids love temporary tattoos, please have kids arrive tattoo free as they are difficult to remove.  The removal should take place well before you arrive so a red mark on the child's skin does not result.  Scars are not automatically retouched unless a request is made to remove or soften the scars.   An extra charge may result if extensive work is needed.

Suggestions on personalizing your session are welcomed.  Small, cute, creative, and /or sentimental items you bring can add uniqueness to your session.  Some favorites include blankets, favorite toys, colorful lollipops, small accessories, umbrellas, tutus, cowboy boots, etc.  For additional suggestions, please email.

Braces are a part of life for most of us, and this should not be a worry.  However,  if if it is your personal preference, discuss the removal of the top braces with your orthodontist for the photo session.  Braces can also be retouched out by photo editing though extra fees may apply.  Regardless, don’t hold back with your smile as a “braces smile” is better than a restricted smile.